Meditation and
Modern Buddhism
in Tauranga

Classes all year round
Thursday night 7-8:30pm
at the Greerton Library
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‘When the turbulence of distracting thoughts subsides and our mind becomes still, a deep happiness and contentment naturally arises from within.’Geshe Kelsang Gyatso (from the book The New Meditation Handbook)

Please note: you can drop into any class you want. Each class is self-contained, suitable for beginners and for those with experience.

Greerton Library

  • Thursdays  7pm – 8:30pm
  • Greerton Library (Meeting Room)
    139 Greerton Rd, Greerton Village
     (see map)
  • $15
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The meditation classes in Tauranga function as a branch of the main Centre in Auckland. The regular teacher in Tauranga is Mathew Stewart, but the Buddhist monk Kelsang Pawo will also teach in Tauranga occasionally. Join the classes to learn from those who have already realised the benefits of meditation in their lives.

Freedom From Painful Emotions
Drop in Classes – Begins May 17th

Discover the inner peace of emotional freedom

Imagine a life completely free from anger, jealousy, ignorance and all the other painful states of mind. It is entirely possible by learning to control our mind. This course Freedom From Painful Emotions is based on Buddhas first teaching called The Four Noble Truths, by using this four step method we can integrate ancient Buddhist wisdom into our daily life. By mixing our mind with these timeless instructions we can liberate ourselves from all causes of suffering.
In the following series of classes you will discover each week a method for addressing a specific toxic mind – called delusions – and learn how to apply the positive mental opponent. We will discover why these negative states of mind arise, and how through our meditation practice we can completely eliminate them from our mind. These practical methods will help us to experience a deep and satisfying emotional freedom, and give us the skills to be the confident and joyful person we wish to be.

May 17th – The Frustration of Life, Where is Real Happiness?
Overcome the happiness trap and discover a fresh approach to life by discovering happiness from within.

May 24th – The Origin of Painful Emotions
Painful emotions come from  negative states of mind called delusions, if we understand how to identify these painful feelings we can learn to overcome them completely.

May 31stThe Solution to all our Problems
Learn ancient Buddhist techniques on how to guard the mind from painful emotions, and form happy habits of mind.

June 7th – Complete Emotional Freedom
What is the mind’s true potential? Should we be satisfied with temporary happiness or is there a deeper meaning to our life. 


Is a way of calming the mind, making us more peaceful, balanced and focused in our daily lives. Ultimately, it enables us to awaken our spiritual potential and find lasting joy and contentment.


Is a path of individual transformation. It teaches us to look within ourselves for the inner peace and happiness we seek. By developing a more positive outlook, and in particular by deepening our wisdom and compassion, we can improve the quality of our life and gain great power to help others.

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